GigaTent Bay Breeze Portable Lounge Beach Mat

Product#: BCT 007

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Our beach mat is particularly made to give you comfort as you relax. It has been fitted with light fillers so that it feels soft as you lie on it.

Our beach mat is made under the highest standards using technology, to produce a beautiful compact design, with lightweight fillers that give you both comfort and value in one. This portable beach mat is also easy to use as it requires no assembling at all. Just spread it out on the beach, or out on the grass and enjoy. Simple as that.

Be creative and use our lounge beach mat for multiple purposes and as many occasions as you can. You don’t need to worry about the sand on the beach, the dust or wet soil. Or the coffee spilled on your mat. This mat is made with non-absorbable material that feels great on your skin and does not absorb dirt or moisture. It is therefore very easy to clean!

This mat was specifically designed with you in mind to keep you clean and dry from the sandy beach as you’re lounging. Or just as you’re chilling outside your home.


  • Portable Comfort: Sit back and relax at the beach or at the pool with a high-quality chair designed to provide top-notch comfort on the go.
  • BONUS Cooler Pouch: Store ice cold refreshing drinks or snacks in the convenient insulated cooler built right in the chair to keep them ice cold.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Effortlessly transport your lounger wherever your outdoor activities or vacations take you. It is lighted and has comfortable straps.
  • ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: Modify the backrest of the chair to the perfect position for the perfect lounging experience – sit up and read or recline and rest.
  • LIGHT & COMPACT: The lounge chair weighs only 3.25 pounds. It opens and stretches to 63” long. It folds closed to 3″ flat and is only 21 x 21” wide.

When it’s summertime, nothing beats a relaxing lounge at the beach under the warm sun and the ocean breeze. Now you can lounge with the utmost comfort, convenience, and class with GigaTent’s Portable Beach Lounge Chair! Perfectly designed to provide you with top-notch relaxation so you will never go to the beach or any outdoor event without it.

The BEST Lounging Experience

If you’re looking for quality comfort then look no further. Made from grade A polyester material along with the adjustable mechanism, it will give you the best lounging experience of your life. You will always want to bring it with you to any outdoor occasion! It is easy to carry around with its lightweight design and shoulder strap so it’ll be no problem bringing it with you anywhere!


Carry less and enjoy more the next time you go to the beach with this amazing beach chair that includes a cooler right on it! The pouch right behind the backrest is insulated so you can keep your food items at the perfect temperature you want for maximum refreshment. Use it for water, soda, beer, sandwiches, barbecue meats, and more!


Its sleek design makes it the perfect accessory to bring with you to any outdoor location for perfect leisure. Chilling in backyards and patios on a nice Sunday afternoon will be a lot more relaxing with this chair. Parks, beaches, and outdoor festivals will become much more enjoyable now that you have your own personal relaxation center whenever you need to sit down and chill out.


  • Open Dimensions: 21”W x 63”H x 1”D
  • Closed Dimensions: 21”W x 21”H x 3”D
  • Built-In Insulated Cooler: 10”W x 18”H x 8” D
  • Highly Durable Design
  • Adjustable Mechanism for Perfect Positioning
  • Lightweight and Portable with Included Shoulder Strap
  • Comfortable Polyester Material

Fabric Material

Polyester 450 mm


21”W x 63”H x 1”D

Pack Weight

3.25 lbs.

Floor Material


Pack Size

21”W x 21”H x 3”D

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